A bit surprising discovery regarding the amount these three shippings’ fanarts in pixiv. I know GilxSaber is very popular but I didn’t know it’s more popular than LancerxSaber. The fanart gap of these two non-canon pairings with ShirouxSaber is so huge I’m laughing right now.

There are around 15 fanarts per page, and taking in account possible non-Fate stuff in the tag and the omitted NSFW, by estimation:

ShirouxSaber: around 210

LancerxSaber: around 780

GilgameshxSaber: around 1155

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    Shirou pairings and Ataraxia ones you can find in their own website shrines (not in pixiv), IMO. I found TONS of Bazett...
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    But wow you know your tags so well. You should publish your own stats as your own with new tags and if you want to, add...