Cloud and Tifa’s Relationship (as told by official statements)


Cloud and Tifa are childhood friends, both born in Nibelheim. When Cloud leaves the village, he calls Tifa out to the water tower and promises that he will become a SOLDIER. At the same time, he is also made by Tifa to promise that he will come to rescue her if she is ever in trouble

Following this, the pair experience many hardships, such as the Nibelheim incident which also appears in CC, and the Jenova War in FFVII, and through these the distance between them shortens. And in AC they live together, with Barret’s daughter Marlene and a boy named Denzel. Though there was also a period later where Cloud lived away from them after having contracted Geostigma, they finally reach a commune with each over and return to living together once again.In DC, they rush together to Vincent’s aid, in his battle against Deep Ground SOLDIER.
-Crisis Core Complete Guide Keyword

There’s a lot more on their relationship.  A lot.

  • Cloud wanted to join Soldier so Tifa would notice him, and this is an important memory to him

(SOURCE 10th AU page 12: "Before leaving the village, he boldly called to Tifa, a girl he liked romantically, and declared he would become a SOLDIER.”

"Tifa: Talk to me. About anything, some important memory to you… Now that you mention it, why did you want to join SOLDIER in the  first place 

Cloud: ……I was devastated. ……I wanted to be noticed 

Tifa: Someone has to notice you…? ……who?”  “Who………? 

Cloud: ……You know who! ……You, that’s who.”  

  • Cloud’s promise to Tifa is something her would never forget

A Promise to Tifa, Etched in his Memory.

When Cloud left the village dreaming of being a SOLDIER, he swore to Tifa that he would come running to her rescue if she was in trouble. While it was Tifa who strong-armed him into making the promise, it seems that the idea that he must keep this vow was forever in Cloud’s mind. In BC he is obsessive about protecting people, and if he runs out of strength part way though he will mention the “promise.”

  • In the Lifestream, Cloud and Tifa learned each others’ feelings both past and present

She ventured into Lifestream together with Cloud. Amidst the course of him trying to ascertain his memories, they became aware of the thoughts/feelings which each other was holding. FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania  Tifa Lockhart Character Profile p 42-47

SOURCE UO Page 27: Deep inside Cloud’s heart, feelings were hidden that no one knew about. Even though there were important memories to himself, many of them were forgotten. In the process of looking for the real Cloud, Tifa learns a lesson about the complexity of the human heart, and the feelings are earnestly transmitted.

  • Cloud and Tifa revealed their feelings to one another in  a fateful, special night thinking that they are nearing the end.


In FF7, Tifa is the only one who knows Cloud’s childhood, and furthermore, she holds the key to people involved in the story of Nibelheim’s burning down, which is also depicted in CC. She and Cloud came to realize their feelings for each other in the end of the story, and live together in AC and DC. Crisis Core Ultimania Tifa Lockhart Profile

(FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 15; Cloud’s profile)
“Declares that the team should dissolve in the final hours before the final battle, and communicates his feelings together with Tifa, who remains behind at the airship with him.”

(FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 27; Tifa’s profile)
“When Cloud proposes that the group separates temporarily, she remains behind at the airship and communicates her feelings together with Cloud. “

(FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, pg. 118; pg. 120 in the Revised Edition; story summary)
“Cloud and Tifa, who remain, reveal their feelings for each other together.”

(FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 198; story summary)

“When their companions disperse to the places where people important to them await, Cloud and Tifa are the only two to remain behind. They reveal their mutual feelings in their final hours, and…….”

(FF25th Tifa’s Memorial Scenes)

The Fateful Night the Two Share
An event near the time of the final battle with Sephiroth, where Cloud and Tifa stay at the airship Highwind together. With this possibly being the end — an evening overcome with a flood of feelings becomes something special.

  • Cloud and Tifa have been holding favor for one another for many years

“Words aren’t the only thing that tell people what you’re thinking…”

Prairie: The last night before the final battle, to Cloud when he finds himself at a loss for words

For many years, Cloud and Tifa have been holding favor for one another. At last facing the impending final battle with Sephiroth, they confirm together their feelings of desire towards one another
FF 25th AU
  • Cloud thinks that he can succeed because he has Tifa and it’s different between them now

 As Tifa looked away from the sky towards the ground, she was fearful of the future. However, Cloud beside her chose to smile gently. It was a smile that she hadn’t seen before during their journey. Cloud noticed her gaze and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Cloud, you’re smiling.”

“I am?”


“It all starts now. A new…”

Cloud looked for the right words.

“A new life.”

“I’m going to live. I think that’s the only way I can be forgiven. All sorts of things… happened.”

“That’s right…”

“But when I think about how many times I’ve thought about how I was going to start a new life, it’s funny.”


“Because I’ve always failed everything.”

“That’s not funny.”

“After this … I think I’ll be okay.”

Cloud was silent for a long time before he spoke again.

“Because I have you this time.”

“You’ve always had me.”

“What I mean is kind of different,” Cloud answered with another smile.

-Case of Tifa

  • Cloud is raising a family with Tifa


Now running a delivery business while helping out Tifa with the newly opened “Seventh Heaven” bar, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel lived together like a family. However, when Cloud contracts Geostigma he disappears. Behind these actions lies feelings of guilt towards his past failure to protect people who were important to him, but through his battle with Kadaj’s gang, the legacy of Jenova, he regains the courage to face reality.
FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania  Cloud Strife Profile p36-41

"Good for you. Whole world’s clappin’ you on the back. So Cloud’s with Tifa?
"Yeah. Tifa opened a bar, just like the old days. Cloud was helpin’ out, but it sounds like he’s got his own business keepin’ him tied up now. A delivery service."
"Cloud? Run a business?"
"You can bet it’s Tifa kickin’ his ass into shape."
I see. In the end, it’s the women wear the pants. -Case of Barret

I want to see Cloud — Marlene’s honest words, which reflected what Tifa felt in her own heart, caused her to smile. The present Tifa isn’t just Cloud’s childhood friend, but also the mother of the ‘family’ they were forming in Edge.
FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania  Tifa Lockhart Character Profile p 42-47

  • Cloud is happy with Tifa and the kids

The happier he is now,
The more Cloud is tormented by painful “memories” of the past. FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania  Cloud Strife Profile p36-41

I don’t think I’m fit to save anyone. Not family, not friends … no one. 」

The more he realizes how happy he is living with Tifa and the children,the more the fear of losing that and regrets toward the past trouble Cloud…
FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania  Cloud Strife Profile p36-41

Nomura in Distance: The happier Cloud is, the more lonely he becomes.”

  • Cloud finds peace with Tifa and his family with her

AC Prologue: “Nojima: Cloud never had a candid personality to begin with, and although he started living with Tifa and even started working, he obtained a peaceful livinghe’s never experienced before, and this conversely made him anxious. And in the midst of this he contracts Geostigma himself, and rather than being able to protect the people dear to him, he instead was forced to face his own death, and so ran away.”

  • Tifa believes in Cloud, knows him all too well and supports him.

Apart from being Cloud’s childhood friend, she is also the woman who understands him all too well and devotedly supports the mentally-weak side of him. FFVII 10thAnniversary Ultimania Tifa Lockhart Character Profile p 42-47

Even though being burdened with painful “memories” is the same for everyone - Unable to do much for Cloud who is always dragging around his regrets for the past, she subconsciously raises her voice.
Tifa, watching over Cloud warmly as he regains the strength to move forward. Having been together with him since they were young, she is able to believe in his recovery for certain.
FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania  Tifa Lockhart Character Profile p 42-47

Tifa is a strong woman. She doesn’t like what Cloud is doing, but instead of lecturing him about every little thing, she’s been waiting for him to realize for himself what his actions are doing. She’s remarkably strong, not only emotionally, but physically as well. I think that using words to help lead Cloud to his own conclusions, instead of constant lecture, is a defining quality of Tifa’s personality.

-Nomura page 20. Reunion Files

  • Tifa is someone’s koibito (romantic sweetheart/girlfriend)


 “There are many dimensions to Tifa’s character. She’s like a mother, a sweetheart [koibito], and a close ally in battle“:

Advent Children Reunion Files book (pg. 19)~ Nomura

  • Tifa is the only one Cloud has opened his heart to

Oh, I just remembered. I wanted to write Cloud as a person, seen through Tifa’s eyes. But he really isn’t the type to open up (laughs). ~Nojima, interview about On the Way to a Smile

Tifa, who from 2 years ago has been the only one Cloud opened his heart to. Now he has closed off his heart even from her. ~AC Prologue Book

  • Tifa is an important woman to Cloud who helped him gain the strength to move forward


With the support of former allies and Tifa, an important woman to him and now also part of his family, Cloud regains the courage to move forward. - Cloud Strife Profile FFVII10th AU

  • Cloud’s Promised Land is the place where Tifa, the kids and all the people he loves surround him

(SOURCE: 10th AU, ACC Playback:

The place where he awakens—-
That is Cloud’s Promised Land

As he sleeps, Cloud hears two voices. The voices of two people very dear to him, who are no longer with him. Playfully and kindly, they give him a message: he doesn’t belong here yet.

When he awakes, there was his friends. There were the children, freed from their fatal illness. Tifa and Marlene, and Denzel asking for Cloud to heal his Geostigma— his family were waiting. Engulfed in celebration, he realizes where he is meant to live. He realizes that he was able to forgive himself.

And when he turns around—- “she” is starting to leave. Together with the friend who had given Cloud his life. Cloud no longer has to suffer in loneliness… And so they too go back to where they belong.

  • Cloud and Tifa belong together


Inside, I felt one thing was for sure: Cloud and Tifa would be together.Everybody would be back home where they belonged. - Two years is too short to forget the past completely, but it’s still a pretty long time… And two years older was a good age for Marlene to start talking a little.” -Nojima
  • Tifa was there whenever Cloud needed her
In the past you’ve always looked after me, you [Marlene,] Denzel and Tifa. You were there whenever I needed you. Now it’s my turn
.- Cloud in ACC
  •  Tifa is Cloud’s light in Kingdom Hearts, when Sephiroth is his darkness

“In Mr. Nojima’s scenario, it explained Cloud and Tifa’s connection more in-depth but I deleted it away. I thought it would be more interesting to let the gamers think about it. For example, “If Cloud’s darkness is Sephiroth, then Tifa is light”; in that sense you can take it that Tifa isn’t really human.” — Nomura

*note: the ambiguity is whether Tifa is human or not

  • Cloud and Tifa died for each other in Dissidia

Is this it? Is this the end? Cosmos, goddess of harmony.If you can hear me, listen to my plea. I beg you. Save her. Save my friend… Tifa” - Cloud’s dying words

His adamant will reaches the throne of Cosmos. Cosmos rescues Cloud after he is defeated by Chaos and on the verge of disappearing. Ironically, that whom he set out to protect sacrificed herself to protect him.   

Cloud’s Character Museum

I know people question these truths, but I’ll be defending them in a separate post &l I already know the arguments so you don’t have to remind me. ;3

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